The Right Law Firm in Tualatin, OR

One of the most difficult decisions anyone can make is the hiring of a lawyer. Fortunately, I am here to make that process easier. Robert E. Kellogg PC is the law firm in Tualatin, OR, seeking to inform potential clients, giving them the knowledge they need to demystify the process of lawyer selection. My goal is to outline my process so that you know exactly what you are getting when you hire me. I operate under three fundamental principles, outlined below: intelligent advocacy, predictable cost structure, and excellent customer service.

Intelligent Advocacy

The first step in providing intelligent advocacy is gaining a clear understanding of a client’s legal issues before contextualizing them against the backdrop of the existing law. That is why I offer a no-cost, no-obligation primary consultation to anyone who needs it. Whether it is real estate, business, or family law, it is of the utmost importance that I gain a complete picture of your situation before going forward.

Following this consultation, I will be able to provide an explanation of the legal issues involved and a strategy for moving forward. You will also receive my judgement on the probability of success. I always strive for the best possible outcome, however, in situations where the chances of success are bleak, I will offer you a plan to mitigate damages and reduce repercussions as much as possible. If I lack the relevant experience to resolve the issue, I will refer you to a business, family, or real estate lawyer with the necessary credentials and expertise to handle the case.

Predictable Cost Structure

Once the consultation has ended, you will receive a written fee agreement detailing the hourly rate for services as well as the amount of time I anticipate it will take to resolve the matter. My firm strives to tailor these fee agreements to your needs and expectations, as well as the specifics of the case. For more basic, time-limited services such as forming business entities or drafting a will, I offer a one-time fixed fee. In instances that require a family, estate, or business counsel attorney that require an indeterminate amount of time, I offer an hourly rate. In specific cases, there may also be a contingency fee, which is only paid if and when the desired outcome is achieved.

Excellent Customer Service

Once you become my client, it is natural for you to expect to receive prompt replies to any questions and requests you may have. Within the context of legal service, you should always expect the highest quality customer service possible. From business disputes to estate planning services, the need for quick responses to your inquiries is paramount. I am here for my clients, providing prompt replies to emails and calls. In the rare case that it takes me longer than 24 hours to respond, you will receive an explanation of the delay in the return email or call.

Call me today to schedule your no-cost primary consultation. I am proud to serve Tualatin, Oregon, and the surrounding area.