Depend on the Determined Business Attorney in Tualatin, OR

The key to success as a business in the current climate is preparation. Robert E. Kellogg PC is here to help businesses form and succeed under a variety of circumstances. I am the business attorney in Tualatin, OR, you can trust when the time comes for you to form your own company, draft new contracts, or perform complex transactions with other business entities. With years of experience and an extensive resume, you can count on me to ensure that your legal concerns are well in hand.

Forming Your Company with Ease

Ensuring that your company is properly formed is more than just filling out the requisite forms and sending in the fees. A lot goes into determining exactly how to classify your company. Sit down with me to go over every detail of what you want your business to be. When it comes to entity formations, the key is attention to detail. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of your operation, I can easily determine whether to register you as an LLC, a corporation, a nonprofit, or a joint venture. I will then take care of all of the small details, ensuring that your company is filed properly and legally protected.

Aggressive Legal Representation

As common as litigation is, it is even more common in the realm of business. This is due to so many interests aggressively pursuing their own success. When starting a company, one must be fully prepared to engage in various legal disputes, some mundane, some serious. Regardless of what type of business litigation you face, you can count on me to represent you thoroughly. My attention to detail and steadfast dedication to your case make me the ideal attorney to hire whether you are defending or pursuing the case.

Even if there are no court proceedings, it is important to have a business lawyer that you can turn to. Whether this amounts to routine legal advice before pursuing certain actions or the drafting of business contracts, I am on your side.

Major Transactions Made Easy

When the time comes to make a major transaction, it is of the utmost importance that you have steadfast legal representation. The smallest error in paperwork or planning can lead to serious unforeseen consequences. That is why I am here to guide you through any business mergers, asset sales, stock purchases, real estate acquisition or documentation and execution of buy-sell provisions. Turn to my firm for any advice you need.

Contact me today to go over your options for forming a company. I am proud to serve Tualatin, Oregon, and the surrounding area.