Legal Advice from an Experienced Real Estate Attorney in Tualatin, OR

When looking for an experienced real estate attorney in Tualatin, OR, then mine is the name to trust. Robert E. Kellogg PC is the firm devoted to ensuring that all legal matters pertaining to your ownership, acquisition, and retention of real estate are taken care of. As a general rule, the main aspects of real estate law involve the rights to own, use, and transfer land or permanent additions attached to the land. Within this field, there are two types of legal practice: transaction-oriented law and litigation. I am happy to represent you in either of these fields.

From purchasing land to title searches, most aspects of the laws are governed by the state. However, I am capable of meeting a wide variety of needs, even those that may involve federal jurisdiction. Regardless of the scope of your real estate activity, I can help you navigate the issues you are likely to face. Schedule an appointment with me today for a free consultation to go over everything.

Resolving Earnest Money Disputes

Let’s say you put down $10,000 in order to secure a contract. However, you are then either unable to get financing or the party to whom you gave the money does not honor the contract. The money you put down is called “earnest money,” and it is a legally binding transaction. I am here to ensure that any dispute you may have regarding earnest money is dealt with logically and quickly. If you put down money, you are entitled to the contract, and if not, you are entitled to get that money back.

Representing Landlords in a Variety of Disputes

From the outside, many people believe that being a landlord is a cushy, easy business. However, that is far from the truth. Between managing your properties, settling disputes involving tenants’ rights, and the many unforeseen expenses that crop up, being a landlord is both busy and stressful. That is why I am here to help ease the burden by handling any legal disputes for you. Whether you need help settling a dispute between or with tenants or you are facing local problems regarding zoning, I can look at the details of your case and develop a plan for resolving the issue. With me on your side, you can focus on the parts of being a landlord that you love.

Call today for help resolving a wide variety of legal disputes involving real estate. I am proud to serve Tualatin, Oregon, and the surrounding area.